Choose which service best meets your calibration testing needs from on-site mobile calibration services to work in our permanent calibration laboratory. Probata’s flexible selections of unmatched calibration services are tailor made, providing companies of all sizes with the level of service that best meets their needs.

Mobile On-Site Calibration Services
Our on-site testing services can manage 100% of your test, measurement and control instrumentation needs.
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about the value delivered from our comprehensive on-site calibration services.

Permanent Calibration Laboratory
Probata’s unparalleled calibration facility’s unmatched quality, innovative systems and calibration experts provide high value business solutions.
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about how we help companies of all sizes meet their goals and achieve a competitive advantage.

Calibration Certificate Database
Get instant and immediate access to all your calibration certificates. Documentation often plays a critical role with compliance with ISO 9001 and ISO/IEC 17025.
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about our online calibration certificate client area.

Calibration Repair
Optimize Asset availability and minimize downtime. In conjunction with calibration, Probata Corp. offers comprehensive equipment calibration repair services.
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about our on-site and permanent calibration repair services.

Audit Support
Achieve high performance reviews. Probata Corp. provides real-time audit support during your equipment reviews.
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about how we can help companies achieve high performance reviews with minimal impact on downtime.

All calibration services include detailed, easy to read documentation that is provided upon completion of work. Ask us for a detailed comprehensive quote. Contact us for more information or to schedule flexible calibration services.